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08/06/10 12:45 PM #432    

Joann Wendorff (Wellman)

it has been a year since the reunion!

money was given for the foundation.

I would be  interested in the name of the fund, the amt. given.etc.

since I am interested in contributing, this info would be good to know..

joann wellman.

08/24/10 09:57 AM #433    

Archie Tautfest

Hi everyone, " I'm back ... ."

Vern, what a GOOD, ... GREAT, ...SUPER ...!!!!!!!!!!! job you have done on

 this website. 




09/10/10 07:35 PM #434    

Marjean Larson (Gingrich)

I realize I need to include one thing about the addition I made to Vern's announcement.  The checks and cash I collected at the reunion  are in my memory book, and in the course of my daughter moving in and then moving out, I can't find the book.  I didn't send them immediaely because I wanted to get a cashiers check for the cash.  But, I do remember who gave me checks and cash and how much it was.  As soon as I get all of the addresses, I will let the Lincoln Public School Foundation know who gave money.  There was $ 430.00 in cash and checks so I am sending $ 500.00 as the gift from the Class of '59.  When the memory book shows up, I will send the to the folks who donated. 

This is embarrassing for me, and please believe that there was no larceny (larsony?) involved.  Best regards to my classmates.  Marjean

10/14/10 07:07 AM #435    


Carol Geerdes (Kossack)

For all of you Nebraska Football Fans:

Check out "The History of Nebraska Football" on -

Just a great video of past highlights, fabulous!  GO BIG RED!

11/24/10 07:47 AM #436    


Joel Hutchins

11-24-10 Happy Thanksgiving everyone. We are in Omaha to share the Holiday with family. On Friday I plan to see the Huskers beat Colorado. Hope the weather is fair. Read the Omaha paper today and see that our son is quoted in Robert Nelson's section. I've never been quoted in anything other then maybe the court news.  



12/21/10 09:39 PM #437    

Marjean Larson (Gingrich)

To all you Coloradians:  I will be spending Christmas in Boulder with my son.  Unfortunately it will be a quick trip.  I am now on a short time disability leave from work due to a combination of conditions, but I didn't know I would be off when I made my travel reservations.  So, I want all of you so save up some warm weather for when I am there.  We will have Christmas dinner with my cousin and her family in Castle Rock, and the other nights I will make Matt's favorite meals.  I will make the easy parts, and I will teach him to to do the more time-consuming, work intensive parts.

I hope to get cleared to go back to work by January 4th.  I really enjoy my job, but know I have not been well enough to do it well.  I can usually manage one of these ailments, but having them all flare up at once is more than I could manage.  It is very frustrating to see things that need to be done, and know tht normally they would be easy jobs, but now they prospect seems daunting. 

I may be back to Boulder next Fall if the Cornhuskers play there and Matt can get tickets.  If so, I'll call all of you and maybe we can get together.  Best regards and Merry Christmas to all.  Marjean





07/30/11 12:21 PM #438    


Carol Geerdes (Kossack)

I went to Lawren Brodd's funeral this past week and as I stated on his profile, it was one of the warmest and personal memorials I have ever been to.  Lawren, for those of you who do not know, was a fireman in Lincoln for many years, served as Deputy Fire Chief.  There were 150 firemen at the funeral and outside the church, they displayed a huge American Flag, which was beautiful.  Lawren touched so many lives and it was very obvious by the many people at this service.  We were all lucky to have been classmates with Lawren and he will be greatly missed by many people.

08/02/11 07:51 AM #439    


Carol Geerdes (Kossack)

I just wanted to explain the situation with Charles Catlett.  Vern Good received an e-mail from Charles explaining he had found the website stating he had died and it was a mistake.  Vern forwarded this to me and I sent an e-mail to Charles telling him we had done alot of research prior to the 50th reunion trying to locate lost classmates and he was included in this research.  We did locate a Charles Catlett Jr. here in Lincoln and he told us his Dad was our Charles Catlett and had died in 1994.  I have been trying to reach Charles Catlett Jr. but cannot.  In the e-mail I sent Charles I explained all this and asked him to please give me some information about himself so we know for sure he is "our" Charles Catlett.  I received a very nice response from him and he is definitely our former classmate.  I also expressed how sorry I was about this huge error.  It is very difficult to prove someone is dead without knowing dates, locations, etc. - we spent alot of time before the reunion with this problem.  Please update your 50th reunion memory books with this information.  I am so sorry about this.  I hope Charles will come to our next reunion, which is not too far off!



11/03/11 05:29 PM #440    


Carol Geerdes (Kossack)

I just received an e-mail from Ed (Sonny) Schaffer and he wanted me to let everyone know he has had a few health problems and has moved back to McAllen, Texas.  He hasn't used the computer lately but would like to hear from any of us - his e-mail is: - he said he had been corresponding with quite a few classmates but since he moved, etc. - didn't have a chance to notify them why he had not been on the computer.

05/04/14 12:32 PM #441    


Vern Good

Joel Hutchins, Glen Rolofson, Tom Fitchett and Mike Lessmann were debating the origin of the name of "Dead Man's Run"

Does anyone have any input on the origin of the name?



05/04/14 05:42 PM #442    

Archie Tautfest

What a great question. Thanks guys.

05/05/14 03:26 PM #443    


Vern Good

From the Lincoln Journal Star

Well, a Google search revealed this:



Victoria Ayotte Brown

Interactivity editor | Lincoln Journal Star



05/22/14 02:18 PM #444    


Vern Good

A response to the Dead Man's Run question from Carol Geerdes Kossack:

Hi Vern,

When you posted this question on the website, I wrote a note to Jim McKee and this is the answer I just received - interesting!

Hope all is well,



> From: <>

> To: <>

> Subject: Re: question

> Date: Sun, 18 May 2014 16:51:54 -0500


> Carol:


> There are two stories which relate to Dead Man's Run.  Either one may

> be partially correct or totally wrong but the stories are all we have

> and seem to persist to this day.  One thing to keep in mind is that the word "run"

> also means a creek or small bit of running water.

>> One version has a family travelling on the trail which went through

> Weeping Water to Lincoln and stopping for the night on the south bank

> of the creek about where Gateway Shopping Center now sits.  A son was

> sent down to the creek for water and when there he saw a dead man lying beside the stream.

> He ran back for his father and when they got back the body was

> gone...he had "run."  The man who told the story about himself as a

> young man later became an elected official in Lincoln and was never

> known for fabricating stories so it may have a basis in fact.

>> The other story is a bit more fanciful.  A man was being pursued on

> foot be two American Indians who chased him to the banks of the stream

> where he collapsed.  They took him for dead and left but he was

> playing possum and "run."

>> Take your pick or argue with both.

>> I hope you win your bet!

>> Jim McKee

> Lincoln Northeast High School class of 1958


>> -----Original Message-----

> From:

> Sent: Monday, May 05, 2014 7:58 AM

> To:

> Subject: question


> I have lived in Lincoln my entire life, all 72 years of it.  I

> graduated from Lincoln Northeast in 1959.  We are having our 55th

> reunion this coming Sept..

> One of my former classmates asked this question on our website and I

> am wondering if you know the answer.  Where did the name "Dead Man's

> Run" come from?  I have tried to find out but have had no luck.  If

> you can direct me in the right path to locate this information, please

> do so.  Appreciate any help you can give me.  Thank you!

> Carol Kossack




05/23/14 07:03 PM #445    


Dan Michaelson

Having grown up in University Place between Wesleyan campus and University Place Park, I can remember quite a bit about that area.  As for Dead Man's Run, it was a great place for catching minnows or crawdads to use for fishing bait.  One spring when it had rained exceptionally hard the night before the creek was full to the very brim with flood runoff.  A few of us adventurous boys (probably about 12 years old) located 100 feet of thick rope, tied it to a tree, then around our waists one at a time, and would jump into the water 100 feet upstream. The 200 foot swift ride was quite a rush!   We were pretty stupid, since one or more of us could have caught a submerged snag and been seriously injured.  We also often found golf balls in the creek (crik) that had washed down from the golf course that the Shields family owned at Cotner and Vine streets.  The "crik" has long since been channeled and lined with comcrete as have most of the waterways in the city and are now a fairly sterile environment.  Those of you who are coming to the reunion from outside of Lincoln need to see the new Antelope Valley Parkway.  Antelope Creek  has been resurrected, and now runs above ground from where it once ran underground from near old Muni pool all the way past the Bob Devaney sports center.  The result is a beautiful park like setting, with areas to perform outdoor concerts, and an extension of the hiker/biker trail that runs from southeast Lincoln to northwest, also linking to other trail networks throughout the city.  The Haymarket (the old warehouse district west of 9th street and north of the O Street viaduct) renovation is nearly complete, with the new arena, winter ice skating, many new restaurants and hotels, making an entertainment district that rivals that of any large city in the U. S.  (As an aside, the population of Lancaster County went over 300,000 a couple of weeks ago.)  Going around the new arena to the west and north will bring you to the old fair grounds which is now a "moonscape" with most buildings gone in preparation for the University's new Innovation Campus.  New construction has already begun there.

Yes, many changes have come to our beloved city since 1959 of which we can all be proud.

Dan M.

05/29/14 08:43 PM #446    

Gary Matson

Dan, Carol, Vern... Thanks, so much, for the Dead Man's Run info. Dan, I printed up your city tour recommendation and we'll plan on including it in our itinerary next time we're "home."

Best... -Gary Matson

08/14/14 11:31 AM #447    


Nadine Turner (Jordan)

NOT SO FOND MEMORY - When I was around 10 years old, I went with my dad to pick raspberries along the banks of Salt Creek near Superior Avenue. I think I got more chigger bites than the amount of raspberries I picked.  That would be the end of the story for many, many years. However, three weeks ago I was in Lincoln with my nephew, niece and her boyfriend visiting my sister who still lives in University Place. We were there for just a couple of days and our goal was to "find" Lorie's yard.  She had decided on the natural look. There was a row of shrubbery in front of her house and another lining the sidewalk and alley.  They were completely overtaken by tall grass, thistles, wild daisies, and upshoot small trees.  My job was to pull the thistles and grass.  The rest of the group trimmed the bushes and cut down small trees.  Lorie wasn't too thrilled with the new look because she wanted to leave the thistles until they bloomed at least.  Who knew she was a naturalist.  By evening I had a couple of red spots on my upper leg,.  The thought of chiggers crossed my mind but I didn't give it much thought.  I guess I had never heard of them in a residential area.  By morning my front torso was completely covered wherever any form of underwear touched my body,  I roughly counted 120 bites.  Thanks to the internet I now know more about chiggers than I ever wanted to know.  They are tiny mites almost invisible to the naked eye.  Unlike commonly thought, they do not burrow beneath your skin, but secrete an irritant.  They do like warm, snug spots.  Their webs are woven horizontally in the brush and look kind of like a small saucer.  After I saw a picture of their webs, I do recall seeing many of them in Lorie's yard.  Everyone had some chigger bites, but since I was working in the grass and weeds, I was by far and away the winner.  I covered myself with Cortizone 10 three times a day for about four days and I think that saved me. Now several weeks later the bites are mostly a memory, but I can see slight red spots where the chiggers left their mark.  Those too are fading. Does anyone else have any chigger stories? I have finally worked it out so I can attend the reunion.  My great niece was getting married that weekend but her plans didn't work out.  See you in September.  Nadine

08/01/15 10:20 AM #448    


Vern Good

Question of the day- Which families hosted Andy Papachristopoulos and Art Sali during their stay as exchange students our senior year?

08/02/15 08:22 AM #449    


Carol Geerdes (Kossack)

Art Sali's host family was James Strauss family.  He went into some detail on his bio in our 50th reunion book.

Carol Kossack

08/02/15 09:01 AM #450    


Joel Hutchins

Gary Matson's family hosted Andy. As posted recently Dorothy just celebrated her 99th birthday.



08/02/15 10:09 AM #451    


Vern Good

Thanks to Joel and Carol for answering the question of the day. Mary Robinson Marx also provided the same answer as Joel.

06/05/16 05:22 PM #452    

Sally Ann Hoxie (Cook)

Another name can be added for the June birthday list: Lonie Dyksterhuis Selee and her twin Jerry Dyksterhuis, June 21st. Lonie has been in assisted living in Omaha for several years. She is no longer able to take my telephone calls so Jerry has to orchestrate them. She had brain cancer in 2000, and the radiation treatment saved her but affected her balance. The radiation damage has caused her to continually worsen.

Sally Hoxie Cook


An update regarding Lonie:

I called Jerry Dyksterhuis before Christmas to see how Lonie was. He was sure she would enjoy the usual Christmas card. Her dementia is worse (due to radiation), but she probably would recall something. She talks about some random things from the past.

Her address is 2824 No. 66th Ave.,Omaha, NE  68104

It's sad to read the toll that age and health are taking on our classmates.

Sally Hoxie Cook




06/16/16 04:05 PM #453    


Vern Good

A note from Jim McKee that resolved my memory failure


Although it changed its name through the years it was the Colonial Inn during the early 1960s and 1970s.  Most of the building is still there and I think it is still an economy motel though I'm not sure of its name today.

There was a restaurant (The Red Lion for a time) in the parking lot where we occasionally went for family gatherings though I can't recall the food was anything but pedestrian.


-----Original Message-----

From: vern good

Sent: Thursday, June 16, 2016 6:42 AM


Subject: Name of Motel - Havelock


Driving myself crazy trying to remember the name of the 1950-60s motel just

North of the railroad bridge on Havelock Avenue and just east of the bowling

alley on Highway 77.

Can you help?


06/18/16 11:51 AM #454    

Joann Wendorff (Wellman)

The motel was the Y-motel   The restaurant was run by George Boosalis who later ran the Knolls. It was a buffet I think. The old units of the motel are gone. I worked there for a time

11/03/18 03:51 PM #455    

Eric Rasmussen

Vern:  As I again looked thru the pictures of the Huntington grade school classes, I noticed a question asked as to whether there was an additional class of 6th graders. Since there were two 5th grade classes, I think there were two. I might be wrong (way too many years), but I am pretty sure there was and the teacher's name was John Sipma. He was the first male grade school teacher any of us had seen up to that point in our educational journey.

 I don't remember who all may have been in that class as I was in Miss May Stewart's class. Any class members with recollections?

I do know Sipma's  daughter and will ask if she has any "history" that has been handed down.

Eric Rasmussen



11/04/18 10:01 AM #456    


Nadine Turner (Jordan)

Eric, there must have been three 6th grade classes because I had Miss Carr, my all time favorite teacher. In 5th grade the classes were too large so 10 of us were in Ms Feldges' class and she taught 4th and 5th both. However the 10 of us went across the street to Jackson for social studies with Miss Carr. We thought we were pretty cool. Then was in her room fir 6th. Check out FB page Growing Up University. Some fun posts.  Also you must have remembered Jack Wacker who just passed away. I remember him mostly from Huntington.

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