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Vern -

I was looking through old photos from reunions and wanted to send the ones with Lyla in them to her family.  I found this one from our 55th reunion and it is really good of Lyla -

I think this was the group that had all gone to Huntington in grade school.  Any way we can put in on the website?  I am sure it will bring back a lot of memories for some.




I too remember Lila fondly. Eric Rasmussen's note is right on target and captures Uni Place perfectly. I didn't arrive at Huntington until second grade, many of my classes were in the old Jackson High bldg.

I haven't driven down 48th st. in decades, but can picture it as Eric describes. I bagged groceries at (Ralph's?) IGA, pumped gas at a station at 48th and Baldwin, and hung out at Harold's Place.. his son, Denny Hilyard, was a wrestler at LNE.

I also wore out my welcome in the "mysteries" section of the Uni Library.

And I assumed that everybody knew Doc Matson, although I was amazed when they moved to the "country."

A memorable event of the time was when Alice Holm's dad, who owned an appliance store, invited our class over to see the 1952 Eisenhower inauguration on TV. My first tv experience.

Thanks Lila and Eric for the memories.


Joe Carlson 

A Well Written, Nostalgic Email by Eric Rasmussen

     Oh my! The memories of being a Huntington (University Place) alum.

For me, walking the six blocks from 48th and Walker Ave to 47th and Cleveland Ave twice a day for seven years, especially with friends Lyla Lea, Roger Weblemoe, and Dan Michaelson, was fun....even though we were "going to school".

     And then there were the teachers....Miss Graf, Miss Humphreys, Miss Lentz, Mrs Tripp, Mrs Furman, Mr Sipma, Miss Hess to name just a few.

     As I drive thru Uni Place, at least weekly, I often think about where places that we lived and what is now there.... or not there. Many , many changes have occurred, but many of the old familiar buildings still remain. There were three  grocery stores, now...none. Two drug stores with soda fountains, ... now  none. One lunch counter/convenience store...Remember Harold"s at 48th and Madison? Four full service gas stations.. now just one self service. Two lumberyards, Meek's and Smith's... remember Miss Isabella Smith?....her family owned Smith's. Two hardware stores...Thomas' and Hoagland's, Citizen's State Bank, a post-office, a library, three barber shops, Fairmont Dairy, Dietrich's bicycle shop, a Ben Franklin 5 and 10, Green's Plumbing, a shoe repair store, at least two dentist's and don't forget Doc Matson, Gary's dad and Weslyan University.  Nearly all of the store owners along 48th Street knew who the "Huntington kids" were and they knew our much for shenanigans.

      My parents were good friends of Lyla Lea's parents so we "familied"  back and forth frequently. Lyla's dad, Lysle  was a postal letter carrier in the southern part of Uni Place for years and all the kids along his route knew him well, would even walk along his route with him in the summer time.

      With the LNE student body made up of those from three smaller high schools, ie Jackson, Havelock and Bethany, the memories are just as vivid, I am sure, of the Havelock and Bethany communities.

Yes, the memories are good of all of the times and alums  of Huntington and Havelock and Bethany, the alums of Lincoln Northeast's Class of 59!

       Thank you Lyla Lea for jogging my memory!


Eric Rasmussen

An Email From Carol Geerdes Kossack

Lyla Anderson Hergert passed away April 15.  Funeral services are Friday, April 20, at St. Mark's Church, 8550 Pioneers Blvd, Lincoln, NE at 10:30 AM.

An Email from Alice Holm Banning

It’s been fun reading everyone’s memories of Huntington school and Uni Place. 

I’m a little confused, Joe, about your mention of the 1952 inauguration on television. My dad didn’t own an appliance store, but Susan Christiansen Converse’s  dad did. Was that how we watched the inauguration?

So many good memories of life back in the olden days.


An Email from Nadine Turner Jordan

All these memories make me kind of homesick. I am wearing NE red and watching the Spring game. Alice, as I remember we watched the Sputnik launch from your house. Does that seem right?

Does anyone remember this poem?

Little ducky duddle went wading in a puddle, went wading in a puddle quite small.

You see it doesn’t matter how much I splish and spatter, I’m only a ducky after all.

I think I learned it in kindergarten.


Copy and paste the above link into your browser and enjoy a nostalgic trip back to fall of 1958 and the winter of 1959 when we were immortal and about to step out into the world.  



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